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Public Notices

Mon Nov 22 2021
Notice is hereby given that the Board of Commissioners of the City of Boiling Spring Lakes may have a possible quorum at an event to be held on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The purpose of this meeting is to receive orientation from staff. The Board of Commissioners will
Fri Nov 19 2021
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a legislative hearing shall be held on December 7, 2021 at 6:30 pm at City Hall, 9 E. Boiling Spring Rd., to hear and invite public comment with regard to a proposed text amendment to the City's Unified Development Ordinance. The purpose of this hearing is to consider a text
Wed Nov 3 2021
The use of face coverings is voluntary for visitors and City employees inside City buildings and facilities.
Tue Nov 2 2021
The City is seeking bids for the Hurricane Florence EWP (Environmental Watershed Protection) Project - Construction Phase. The City refers to this project as the USDA Streambed Restoration Project. Please visit our Request for Proposals/Bids/Qualifications page for more information.
Mon Nov 1 2021
Tickets are on sale now. This year the donations will go towards the purchase of lights for our area parks. Stop by the Community Center to purchase your ticket today.
Wed Oct 20 2021
We are pleased to announce that Robert Muse Memorial Park is open for public use. Please be aware that the park is not complete and people may be working within the park for the next several weeks. We ask you to do your best to stay on hard surfaces to allow our winter rye grass to grow. The grand
Wed Mar 18 2020
The City encourages its residents to use the REPORT A PROBLEM at the following link. Click "Public Works" and then click "Potholes" and follow the instructions. This can be done 24 hours a day/7 days a week. You can also call Public Works at (910) 363-0096 and leave a message.
Thu Feb 22 2018
Would you like to volunteer on one of the City's committees? See our Volunteer Board and Committee Openings page. If there is an opening on the committee you wish to join, please read the Ordinance that pertains to the committee you so you familiarize yourself with what is required to be on the