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Photo by Tanja Pigott

Fifty Lakes/Goldsboro Area Sewer Map

In December 2017 the Board of Commissioners adopted a Memorandum of Understanding with Dominion Land Corporation of Wilmington, NC (developer) to create a special assessment district to have installed a sewer main along Goldsboro Road and Fifty Lakes Drive. This sewer main would provide sewer service to the area in the attached map. The developer would then be responsible to extend the sewer mains down the roads in the assessment district by either paying for the cost or petitioning the Board for the creation of an additional assessment district.

In May 2020, the assessment roll was confirmed by the Board of Commissioners and the Deed of Dedication was approved by the board to transfer the sewer transmission lines and associated apparatus to the Brunswick County government for ongoing ownership and maintenance of the system.

Sanitary Special Assessment District Map 8.8.17

As-Built Overall Map