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Applicant Document List

~ Boiling Spring Lakes Police Department Applicant Document List ~

Please provide the following documentation when you turn in your application for the initial background to be completed.

1. City of Boiling Spring Lakes application.

2. Personal History Statement (Form F-3). This form is available online at Please fill in this form online and submit a printed copy

Go online to ~

  1. Select: To continue and complete an F-3 online: "click here"
  2. Next page, click on "Police F-3"
  3. Next page, enter the last four digits of your SSN and then click "continue"
  4. Select "Boiling Spring lakes PD" as the agency to which you are applying (name will pop up after you begin typing).
  5. When you reach the end of the online F-3 you will be given two options.
  • One option is to print and save. If you select this option you will be prompted for payment information. This is not required.
  • The other option is print only.
  • When you select either of these options your online F-3 is complete and saved in our database.
  • You will also be sent a copy of your F-3 to email you entered.

3. Authorization for Release of Personal Information to Law Enforcement Agencies for Certification/Employment Purposes (Notarized).

4. Copy of Birth Certificate.

5. Copy of North Carolina Driver's license.

6. Copy of Social Security Card.

7. Copy of Marriage License (if applicable).

8. Copy of High school Diploma or GED with Transcripts (if applicable).

9. Copy of College Degree with Transcripts (if applicable).

10. Copy of BLET Certificate with test scores.

11. Copy of other pertinent certifications (if applicable).

12. Copy of Military DD214 (if applicable).

13. Certified Criminal Record Check from the County of residence.

When filling out the application, please read the instructions carefully and give complete answers to all the questions.

When addresses and phone numbers are requested, they must be complete and accurate. Example:

Unacceptable Acceptable

Bobby J. Smith Robert John Smith

410 W. S. Shore 410 West, South Shore Drive

BSL Boiling Spring Lakes. N.C. 28461

845-2247 910-845-2247

Make sure that your application is filled out neatly and that it has been notarized. The "Release of Personal Information Authorization" must also be notarized.

*All applications must be completed in full or will not be processed.
Please return this application packet to:

City of Boiling Spring Lakes

Attn: Susan Hartman, Human Resources

9 East Boiling Spring Road

Southport, NC 28461

If you have any questions, you may contact Susan Hartman at (910) 363-0025 or email