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Fee Schedule ~ Fire Inspections

Fire Inspection Schedule for Existing Buildings  
Frequency of Inspection ~    
Inspection schedules of existing buildings shall be in accordance with Section 106 of the N.C. Fire Prevention Code, and shall be conducted no less frequently than described in the schedule below:
Occupancy Classification ~ Inspection Frequency
Public Schools Every Six Months
Hazardous Every Year
Institutional Every Year
High Rise Every Year
Assembly Every Year
Residential Every Year
Other than one and two family dwellings  
Industrial Every Two Years
Educational (including Day Care) Every Two Years
Foster Care Home (GS 131-D) Every Two Years
Group Care Home Every Two Years
Business Every Three Years
Mercantile Every Three Years
Storage Every Three Years
Churches and Synagogues Every Three Years
Scheduled Inspection Fees ~
Under 1,500 square feet1 $75.00
1,501 – 5,000 square feet1 $150.00
5,001 to 10,000 square feet1 $300.00
Over 10,001 square feet1 $300.00 + $7.00/1,000 square feet
Special Situations (i.e. Outside storage, LP Bulk Storage, No Building) $100.00
Foster Care Inspection $50.00
Footprint of building less than 10,000 square feet $200.00
Footprint of building in excess of 10,000 square feet $300.00 + $7.00/1000 square feet
Tents under 800 Square feet (Cooking & Concession) $75.00
Tents over 200 square feet $120.00
1 Includes First Inspection and One Follow-up Inspection. Each subsequent follow-up until compliant will require an additional regular fee  
3Multi-Family occupancies only, the North Carolina Fire Code does not govern one and two family dwellings.  
This inspection schedule is intended to meet the requirements of GS 153A-364 and GS 160A-424. Political subdivisions assuming inspection duties as set out in GS 153A-351 and GS 160A-411, shall have a periodic inspection schedule for the purpose of identifying activities and conditions in buildings, structures and premises that pose dangers of fire, explosion or related hazards. Frequency of inspections of occupancies as mandated by the NC General Statutes shall supersede the above inspection schedule.
(North Carolina State Building Code Volume V, Fire Prevention, Section 106)
Fire ~ Non-Residential Plan Reviews and Inspection Fee Schedules
Plan Review and Inspection Fee Schedule ~
Small plan review < 2,500 square feet $100.00
(includes 1 inspection)  
Basic plan review 2,500-10,000 square feet (includes 2 inspections) $150.00
Intermediate plan review 10,001 – 25,000 square feet (includes 2 inspections) $250.00
Complex plan review 25,001 – 100,000 square feet (includes 2 inspections) $400.00
Special plan review >100,001 square feet $300.00 + $7.00 per 1,000 square feet
(includes 2 inspections)  
Small and Basic re-inspection (each trip) $75.00
Intermediate re-inspection (each trip) $100.00
Complex re-inspection (each trip) $150.00
Special re-inspection (each trip) $200.00
Operational Fees ~
As allowed by NCSB Fire Prevention Code
All Operational Fees will be $75.00 for each required inspection.
City sponsored events are exempt from Operational Fees.
Fire Department Buildings are exempt from periodic inspection fees.
The code official is authorized to receive applications, review construction documents and issue permits for construction regulated by this code, inspect the premises for which such permits have been issued and enforce compliance with the provisions of this code.
(North Carolina State Building Code 2018 Fire Code Section 104.2)
Fire Related Construction Permits
A construction permit must be obtained from the Office of the City of Boiling Spring Lakes Inspections Department in the following situations:
Technology Fee added to all permits issued. $5.00
3.2.2 – Construction Permits ~
(Applies to installation of new systems and renovations to existing systems)
Code Section Description Permitting Fee
105.7.1 Automatic fire-extinguishing systems $150.00 + $2.00 per Nozzle/Head
105.7.2 Compressed Gases $100
105.7.3 Fire Alarm and Detection systems and Related equipment $150.00 + $2.00 per initiating Device
105.7.4 Fire Pumps and Related Equipment $150.00
105.7.5 Flammable and Combustible liquids $100.00
105.7.6 Hazardous Materials $250.00
105.7.7 Industrial Ovens $100.00
105.7.8 L.P./Natural Gas Installation and Modification $150.00
(Applies only to occupancies covered by the N.C. Fire Prevention Code)
105.7.9 Private Fire Hydrants $750.00 per hydrant
105.7.10 Spraying and Dipping $75.00
105.7.11 Standpipe Systems $150.00 with Sprinkler System
$75.00 W/O Sprinkler System
105.7.12 Temporary Membrane Structures, Tents and Canopies   $75.00
The code official is authorized to issue construction permits for work as set forth in sections 105.7.1 through 105.7.12.
(North Carolina State Building Code Volume V, Fire Prevention, Section 105.7)
Fee Schedule Fiscal Year July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022 ~ Approved by BOC