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Photo by Tanja Pigott

Projects & Road Closures



Boiling Spring Lakes Dams Construction/Reconstructions Project


The City of Boiling Spring Lakes (City) is the Owner of Sanford Dam, North Lake Dam, Pine Lake Dam, and Upper Lake Dam, and is planning to solicit bids from the qualified bidders (previously vetted) for furnishing and installing all materials, labor, tools, and equipment for the construction work necessary for the construction of the Boiling Spring Lakes Dams Construction/Reconstruction Project.  Please visit our Hurricane Florence page for more information on this project including a timeline.  Please also visit our Dam Restoration Project FAQs for informative and helpful information.


Lakebed Vegetation Management Project (part of the dam construction/reconstruction project)

In preparation of the dam construction/reconstruction project, our Public Works Department has been out at Pine Lake clearing the lakebed of the vegetation utilizing the Caterpillar 308 equipment recently purchased.

Pine Lake lakebed vegetation mgmt

Stormwater Project Holly/Walnut/Redwood

The City of Boiling Spring Lakes (City) is proposing drainage improvements along Holly Drive and Redwood Road. This area gets inundated after significant ran events and requires pumping to dewater. Historically, there have been flooding problems that have taken the City days and even weeks to drain the area. The City is proposing a drainage system consisting of inlets and piping to be installed within the existing road right-of-way to the extent practicable to assist the homeowners in reducing the amount of flooding that takes place in the area. The Work will include installation of an 18-inch cross pipe under Holly Road at the low point and regrading ditches along the south side of Holly Road to drain to an open-ended pipe system. A ditch would be installed along Redwood Road to also drain to an open-ended pipe system. The drainage system would continue south along the west side of Redwood Road and cross Boiling Spring Road (SR 1359). The proposed drainage system would outlet to a proposed 5-foot-wide base ditch adjacent to Boiling Spring Road. The ditch would then flow west along Boiling Spring Road and outfall into Boiling Springs Lake.

Timeline – Bids received.  Carmichael Construction came in with the low bid at $1,150,000. Currently working with contractor to value engineer project cost down closer to budget of $500,000

Costs -  Construction = $475,000 (approximate since estimate was done 3/22), Engineering = $45,000, Total = $520,000

BSL Budget  - Golden Leaf Grant = $250,000, BSL = $270,000, Total = $520,000



Hurricane Florence EWP (Environmental Watershed Project) a/k/a Streambed Restoration Project - Construction Phase

The Project includes the following Work:  debris removal, bank stabilization, stream restoration, and pond berm stabilization across eight (8) sites within the City.   The City's contractor Shamrock is almost finished with the project.  The updated completion date is April 30, 2023.  Project cost: $2,285,180.55


ewp project

ewp project

ewp projectewp

ewp upper dam areaewp upper dam area

ewp upper dam area

New Police Department Building

The City purchased an existing 2,617 SF “Class B” one-story former bank/office building on a 1.66 acre commercial property with the intention of renovating it and adding approximately 2,000 SF – 2,500 SF to accommodate the police department. The building is located at 3020 George II Highway in Boiling Spring Lakes, North Carolina.  Samet Construction is the contractor.  Demolition is finished and construction is underway.  Project cost:  $1,900,000


Railroad Culvert Project

The City of Boiling Spring Lakes (CBSL) has experienced flooding at the intersection of Cardinal Road and Fifty Lakes Drive. Stormwater runoff was being conveyed to a 24" diameter pipe under the Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point Railroad line at this location. The 24" diameter pipe was significantly undersized as evidence by the stormwater back up. CBSL is currently in the process of installing a 60" diameter Reinforced Concrete Pipe via dry bore and jack method under the railroad line adjacent to the existing 24” pipe. Along with the 60” pipe they will be constructing concrete endwalls and placing rip rap lining at the pipe ends. They will also be slip lining the existing 24” pipe to keep it in service along with the 60” pipe. As of this date the 60” pipe installation, construction of the endwalls and slip lining the existing 24” pipe is complete. It is anticipated that final stream grading and placement of the rip rap will be complete by 11/30/22, weather dependent. Along with the pipe work at the railroad crossing the CBSL has also installed a 24” diameter pipe and triple 36”diameter pipes under Cardinal Road and double 24” diameter pipes under Fifty Lakes Drive at this location to help with stormwater conveyance.

boring right side incl. 24" pipecement pad

boring machine and 60" pipe

Drayton Road Paving

This paving project was totally funded by a grant City staff applied for and received to pave Drayton Road.  Drayton Road is the road that will be used as a detour once the dam restoration project is underway.  The grant received was $922,306 and the total cost of the project was $768,973.  The City determined that guardrails needs installation on certain section of Drayton Road.  The funds for this project will come from the remainder of the Grant funds.  The City is not authorized to keep funds that were not used for the project.


draytonPaving machine




2022 Paving Project

The City of Boiling Spring Lakes proposed roadway improvements to thirteen (13) city streets.  The work generally includes but is not limited to pavement patching, pavement overlays and new pavement sections.  The project is now complete.  The contract was $524,700 and the actual costs were $511,500.   The remaining funds stay in the paving budget to be applied toward future projects and/or any repairs/patching.  Following are the streets and the work that was done:

Streets that received mill/patch work:

  • Bay Road
  • Elm Road
  • North Shore Drive (East Loop)
  • North Shore Drive (Middle Loop)
  • Mirror Lake Drive

Streets that were fully paved:

  • Laurinburg Street (South)
  • Greenmoss Road
  • Mission Road
  • Crystal Road




Road Closure Update - Partial Temporary Opening of E. Boiling Spring Rd.

Sequoia has completed their preliminary work at Pine Lake Dam.  Public Works will be opening E. Boiling Spring Road down to North Lake Dam (Crystal Road) which will stay open temporarily until work has resumed again at Pine Lake Dam.



New Detour as of Monday, July 24

On Monday, July 24, 2023, E. Boiling Spring Road will be closed at Pine Lake Dam in addition to the closure at North Lake Dam.  Detours for residents who live from the second North Shore, Turner, Bridges, Shands, Dixon, Russell, Knox, Reeves, Darnell, Burton and the third North Shore can access E. Boiling Spring Rd. to either Crystal or Nassau to Drayton Rd. to Pine Lake Rd.  More signage will be in place.  Please bear with us as we negotiate this big project.  We ask that you be courteous to other drivers as we all negotiate these detours and be mindful of the speed limits as they differ on these detour roads.