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Special Events Committee

Regular Meetings

Regular meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. 

All boards and committees are responsible for taking their own minutes, therefore if you wish to become a member, computer experience will be necessary.


The Mission of the Special Events Committee of Boiling Spring Lakes is to provide a variety of seasonal events for various age groups. These events provide entertainment, challenges and multiple opportunities for citizen participation. Members of the community are brought together to enjoy and enhance our sense of community.

Special Events Committee ~ Agendas and Minutes

Spring Bike Run @ Community Center 

Easter Egg Hunt @ Spring Lake Park 

Spring Fling @ Spring Lake Park 

Mayor's Cup Golf Tournament @ The Lake Country Club 

9/11 Memorial Bike Run @ Community Center 

Fall Festival @ Community Center 

Christmas Tree Lighting @ PD/City Hall 

Evening with Santa @ Fire Department 





Term Ends

Brenda Hogan, Chairperson     01/07/2026
Lucille Launderville, Vice Chair     06/30/2025
Joan Kinney     03/05/2025
Mary Pongonis     10/01/2025
Brittany Tapp     09/08/2024
Karen Hartigan - 1st Alternate      07/07/2023
Honey Martin - 2nd Alternate     9/5/2025

Commissioner David Mammay ~ Liaison




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