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Nuisance and UDO Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is the front line of helping to keep our city safe, clean & beautiful. It was designed to protect the health and safety of residents. Code Enforcement also helps to attract new development - both residential and commercial, and helps maintain property values as well as helping maintain a positive community image. Code Officers can help find and provide, or connect, residents in need of assistance with individuals and agencies to provide needed resources. Code Enforcement also works closely with other agencies such as the Fire Department, Police Department, Animal Control and Public Works. Our goal is to educate on the reasons and need for codes and ordinances, and assist with obtaining voluntary compliance. Not to force and fine!

If you have any questions, or need clarification or guidance on these or any issues regarding the Code of Ordinances or the Unified Development Ordinances, please feel free to contact Code Enforcement at 910-880-2421.

If you have a concern, complaint or suggestion, kindly use the portal below and log it into our system. Thank you!

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Office Number     Cell Phone      Email Address
Nuisance and UDO Code Enforcement Officer Kathy McVey 910-363-0049 910-880-2421


Kathy McVey
Kathy McVey