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Flood Resource Links

Flood Resources General Information





FEMA Homeowner's Guide

to Retrofitting

North Carolina

Flood Risk Information System



Know Your Risk

City of Boiling Spring Lakes

Flood Damage Prevention


National Flood Insurance Program


Answers to Questions About

the NFIP

No-Rise Guidance


Guidelines - After a


Increased Cost of Compliance

Understanding the


Required No-Impact


NC Quick Guide

FEMA Technical Bulletin 1

Requirements for Flood Openings


Map Service Center


Opening Guide

North Carolina Association

of Floodplain Managers


Pre-Disaster Mitigation

Reducing Damage

from Localized Flooding

Above the Flood

Elevating your Flood Prone House

Download the FEMA mobile app to receive weather alerts from the National Weather Service, learn how to prepare for emergencies, and receive tips on staying safe before, during, and after disasters. The mobile app also introduces a new "Mitigate Your Risk" section, which includes helpful do-it-yourself tips to help you better understand your unique, local risks and take specific mitigation steps to protect yourself, your family, and/or your business before a disaster.

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