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Photo by George Demeter

FAQ – Proposed Construction Schedule

McGill Associates estimates a projected/estimated construction schedule of three (3) years for the reconstruction of the four (4) city owned dams. This was based on the responses the City received from the construction firms that sought be to be "pre-qualified" to bid on this project. The contractors estimates ranged from 2.5 years to 4 years and upon review, the consensus was 3 years was a good estimate based on the best information available at this time. As part of the bid package, alternatives will be listed for the contractors to bid upon that, hopefully, will shorten the construction time schedule. Until bids are received and the Board of Commissioners award a contract, taking into consideration the alternatives and associated costs, an accurate projection of construction will not be known.

Below are some of the responses received by the contractors who have been pre-qualified and how they, as contractors, view this project:

BSL Dam Project - Crowder Construction Co.

Phillips and Jordan RFQ

Kiewit Prequal Application