Photo by Tanja Pigott

Fee Schedule ~ Filming and Video Taping

~ Film / Video Taping Guidelines / Requirements ~Fees
Filming ~ Per Day $150.00
Police Officers (Minimum 4 Hours ) ~ Per Hour$35.00
Police Vehicles ~ Per Day$50.00
City Employees ~ Per Hour$30.00
Fire Inspections ~ Per Inspection$80.00
A&B Explosives Permit ~ Per Event$25.00
C Explosives Permit ~ Per Event$35.00
Fire Works Permit ~ Per Event$200.00
Enclosed Tent (Requires Flammability Certificate) ~ Per Day$30.00
City Parks ~ Per Day$250.00
City Buildings (Includes Cleaning Fee) ~ 4 Hour Rental- Per Day$425.00
City Buildings ( Includes Cleaning Fee) ~ 8 Hour Rental - Per Day$850.00
Street Closures ~ Per Day$50.00
Signs ~ Per Sign +$25.00
Use if based on per day basis unless other wise noted. Partial days are considered full days for expense purposes.
Services for which a fee has not been established, will be determined by the City Manager based upon time, equipment, materials and any other factors impacting the city.
Personnel are to paid directly by the production company at the agreed to rate and guaranteed four (4) hrs. minimum.
Fee Schedule Fiscal Year July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021 ~ Approved by BOC