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Photo by George Demeter

Flood Maps

As participants in the National Flood Insurance Program, the City of Boiling Spring Lakes adopted new Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM), and amended its Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance (FDPO) on July 10, 2018. On July 12, 2018 FEMA approved the City's Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, in compliance with mandatory program requirements, and the Flood Insurance Study (FIS), and Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM), became effective August 28, 2018.

To view the current effective maps, please visit the State's Flood Risk Information System (FRIS)

Visit for information on understanding flood zones and maps.

If a property owner thinks their property has been inadvertently mapped in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), they may submit a request to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for a Letter of Map Change (LOMC). Upon issuance of the new FIRM panels in 2018, FEMA identified LOMC actions for properties and structures located within the City. View the revalidated LOMC's for the City of Boiling Spring Lakes here.

Click here to view the revalidated Letters of Map Change for the City of Boiling Spring Lakes

To learn more about Letter of Map Changes, please visit