Updates ~ E. Boiling Spring Rd at Pine Lake, North Lake & Crystal Rd.

** Update Friday Evening ~ January 18, 2019 **

** NCDOT anticipates E. Boiling Spring Road to be open at Pine Lake Road late Monday, January 21, 2019.**

E. Boiling Spring Road at Pine Lake Nears Completion and Opening potentially this Weekend; Dates Announced for Work at E. Boiling Spring Road at North Lake and Crystal Road Detour

The City announced today that the road work being done at Pine Lake by Barnhill Construction under contract with NCDOT is close to completion.  Paving is currently scheduled for Saturday, January 19th with the road opening soon thereafter, potentially this weekend. 

Barnhill Construction was performing fine grading this morning (Friday) as shown in the attached picture and measurements for paving scheduled for Saturday is underway.  Representatives also said they hoped that if all goes well the road will be open for traffic later that day.

NCDOT has also advised that City of the preliminary dates for the closing of E. Boiling Spring Road at North Lake so that permanent repairs can be made at that location.  NCDOT is planning to:

  • Advertise contract 1/24
  • Open bids 2/14
  • Start of Construction 3/4
  • Completion date 4/18

NCDOT will putting in the contract that the road can only be closed for a maximum of 28 days without penalty. The remaining work time can be handled under normal lane closures with traffic control.

Crystal Road Detour - On January 8th the Board of Commissioners awarded a contract to Phillips Enterprise that will widen Crystal Road by approximately 3’ with a stone base and also have the centerline restriped to assist in lane control.  This work is currently scheduled to start on Thursday, January 24, 2019.  Work will also be done on the unpaved portion of Crystal Road to Drayton Road.  The intersections of Drayton and Crystal and Drayton and Pine Road will also have stone bases installed to prevent those intersections from being significantly damaged after rain events while the road will be used as the primary detour when E. Boiling Spring Road is closed totally for construction.

Friday, January 18, 2019 12:02:00 PM