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Photo by Tanja Pigott

Why E. Boiling Spring Road Remains Closed

The City has fielded numerous concerns as to why East Boiling Spring Road remains closed at the North Lake Dam site even though no work is actually taking place. As the City understands the project schedule, Sanford Dam, North Lake Dam, and Pine Lake Dam were scheduled to be repaired concurrently. The City approached the dams contractor about the lack of activity at the North Lake Dam site and were told the following: The equipment used for the mix-in-place portion of the dam construction weighs approximately 190 tons. It is called a mix-in-place drill. The contractor’s original plan was to bring the mix-in-place drill to the project site via Funston Road. The contractor tried to bring the mix-in-place drill via Funston Road but were unable to do so. This meant that they had to use East Boiling Spring Road to bring the mix-in-place drill to the Sanford project site. They will also need to remove the mix-in-place drill via East Boiling Spring Road. Hence, no excavation can take place at the North Lake Dam project area until the contractor is done with the mix-in-place drill and moves it out of the Sanford Dam project area.

Another area that proved to be problematic for the City with the North Lake project area was the amount of roadway missing. Approximately 200 ft. of pavement has been removed.  In order to reopen that road to traffic, it would have required rebuilding the portion of road that was removed. Opening the road would have required, for risk mitigation purposes, that the road be rebuilt to DOT standards. Building back to DOT standards would be costly for a temporary opening of the road.  If the City circumvented the traffic control plan and opened a partially repaired road, the City might be liable for any accidents that occur along that stretch of road. Work at the North Lake Dam site is expected to commence in January of 2024.

E. BS Rd. at North Lake Dam