Community Appearance Commission

Promoting Beauty in Boiling Spring Lakes

Community Appearance Commission ~ June 2018
L - R:  Commissioner Guy Auger, Ann Hollingsworth, Zee Rygg, Dorothea Roberts, Dale Richardson, Carmen Berk and Ricky Rygg

Regular Meetings

Regular meetings are open to the public and are held the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 P.M. at City Hall.


 Some of the Appearance Commission members with Commissioner Auger at the 2018 Appreciation Dinner

The Community Appearance Commission consists of seven members, who are appointed by the Board of Commissioners for a 4-year term.  The primary duty of this commission is to initiate, promote, and assist in the implementation of programs to beautify the city.

Community Appearance Commission Agendas and Minutes

Property Recognition Homes

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2018 Property Recognition Homes

2017 Property Recognition Homes

 2016 Property Recognition Homes

Christmas Property Recognition

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2017 Christmas Property Recognition

2016 Christmas Property Recognition


Name Phone Email Term Ends
Ann Hollingsworth, Chairperson 910-477-0935

Zelma Rygg, Vice-Chair     04/3/2022
Ricky Rygg     04/3/2022
Juanita Sizemore     07/10/2022
Dorothea Roberts     12/31/2021
Carmen Berk     06/30/2019
Dale Richardson     12/31/2022

Commissioner Guy Auger, Liaison




Community Appearance Events