Photo by Tanja Pigott

City of Boiling Spring Lakes Announces New City Manager

The City of Boiling Spring Lakes is happy to announce the hiring of its new City Manager, Gordon Hargrove, who was appointed as City Manager by the Board of Commissioners on September 20, 2022 effective October 31, 2022.

Mayor Winecoff said the City considered several qualified candidates for the position from across the country.  Mr. Hargrove’s strong service-oriented approach in working with residents, staff and the business community made him our number one candidate.  He has the vision and strategic approach to position the City for growth in the future and is obviously committed to the City’s vision and mission.     

Mr. Hargrove comes to Boiling Spring Lakes after having been City Manager for the City of Southport for a little over two years.   Mr. Hargrove began his career as Town Manager for the Town of Lake Waccamaw from 2018 through 2020.  Before that he worked as a Specialty Trades Supervisor for North Carolina State University in Raleigh and for many years prior to that owned and operated a home appliance center in Cary, North Carolina. 

Mr. Hargrove received his Bachelor of Arts degree at North Carolina State University in 1984 and in 2018 a Master’s of Public Administration from the same university.  He also received Certificates in Municipal and County Administration in 2020, Planning and Development Regulation in 2021, Zoning Official in 2020 and Local Government Finance in 2019 all from the University of North Carolina, School of Government.  He received a Certified Public Manager certificate from The University of Georgia, Carl Vinson Institute of Government in May 2022. 

Mr. Hargrove is currently a member of the North Carolina City County Managers Association and the North Carolina Association of Zoning Officials. 

Mr. Hargrove’s other accomplishments include successfully managing the budgets of both the City of Southport and the Town of Lake Waccamaw. He developed strategic plans for both Southport and Lake Waccamaw as well, in addition to emergency management responsibilities during Hurricanes Florence and Isaias.  His strengths are project, long range and financial management.  

The City of Boiling Spring Lakes Board of Commissioners and city staff look forward to working with Mr. Hargrove to continue the work started by the current administration.