Completed Projects

• Elm Road has been completed and submitted to FEMA - $7,050.00

• Pine Road at Spring Lake has been completed and submitted to FEMA - $6,167.00

• Palmer Road has been completed and submitted to FEMA - $ 32,729.10

• All debris removal has been completed and approx. 75% of invoices have been submitted to FEMA for reimbursement ($ 1,113,213.30 submitted)

• Category B - Emergency Protective Measures ($  232,312 submitted) 


Pending Projects not Started Yet

• Pine Lake Detour Roads (Nassau; Queens & Pine Lake Road)

• Insurance Deductibles (Community Center & Municipal Garage)


South Shore Drive

• FEMA site visits completed at #1, #2  and #4

• Pre-fab headwalls have been manufactured and construction start soon with Carmichael Construction

• Except for paving, the road will be open for traffic.


E. Lakeview Drive

• FEMA site visit completed yesterday

• Construction estimate of $ 164,000 obtained from McGill Associates


North Lake NCDOT Repairs

• Work ongoing with Crystal/Drayton and Pine in anticipation of becoming detour

• Striping of center line of Crystal scheduled for Friday

• Coordination with NCDOT for daily maintenance of Drayton still planned.


Fifty Lakes Drive

• NCDOT contractor started patching on Monday and should be completed this week.


Lake Hastie/Reeves

• Pre-bid meeting with three (3) contractors held last Friday.

• Proposals due Friday, February 15 @ 2 pm.

• Construction survey underway and easements still in progress.


Middle Dam

• Documentation has been submitted by McGill Associates to NCDPS making case for them to appeal to FEMA for inclusion of project in dam repairs.


Upper/Middle/North and Pine

• Proposal on agenda tonight to include required breach analysis by NC Dam Safety for the dams.

• Current plan is to bid out this work by August with construction completion by March/April 2020


Sanford Dam

• USACE requires additional survey information which is included in the McGill proposal this evening - pool area created due to breach.

• Design/build is still the anticipated procurement process for this dam.

• Bidding, bid evaluation and recommendation of contractor is scheduled to be completed by June 2019.

• Contractor will then prepare plans for permits using the existing auxiliary spillway design combined with repairing the dam breach.

• Allowing for 90 days of environmental permitting and dam safety review, it is estimated that construction would start December of 2019 with completion around October of 2020. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 12:20:00 PM