Swimming Lakes - Water Quality Test Results - No Swimming Advisory

The City of Boiling Spring Lakes follows the N.C. Recreational Water Quality Program standards and tests for the following bacteria:  E. Coli, Enterococci & Fecal Coliform. The State of NC does not require the city to test our swimming lakes.  We do so as a matter of public health for our residents and visitors.

May ~ report   

June  ~ report

July ~ report

August ~ 

Swimming Advisories would be issued if two of the three listed bacteria levels exceed the following standards:
E. Coli  > 235MPN / 100ml
Enterococci > 61MPN / 100ml
Fecal Coliform > 200 Colonies / 100ml

Current Swimming Advisories:  NONE

Monday, July 29, 2019 8:05:00 AM