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Are you OK? (R.U.O.K.) 

The RUOK program is a computer system that is setup to call RUOK customers at times of their choosing every day to check if they are okay.  Typically, this system is used to check on elderly family members or the disabled. When the system dials a customer’s number and the customer answers the phone call, the system plays a message for them and logs the call as answered. If the customer does not answer the call, the system will make a second attempt to call and if the call is still unanswered it sounds an alert and a police officer is dispatched to the customer’s residence to check on them and ensure that they are okay. 

If you are interested in learning more about the program or want to enroll in RUOK, please call or email Allison at 910-363-0011 or

The R.U.O.K. enrollment form can be found here.