Post-Florence USACE Regulatory Procedures ~ Bulkheads, Excavation & Fill

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has provided the following guidance on USACE Regulatory Procedures for repairs conducted post-Florence:



Bulkhead Repairs

Bulkheads can be repaired using the non-reporting Nationwide Permit (NWP) 3, assuming compliance with the above NWP 3 conditions. The bulkheads must be rebuilt, or repaired using the same dimensions and in the same location as originally permitted and constructed. The non-reporting part of this process means that the Corps will not require a pre-construction notification (PCN) or other notice from home owners, or from the City prior to repairing or rebuilding the bulkheads.

Retrieval of Lost Sediment from the Lake Bed

Minor excavation in the lake bed generally would not require a Corps permit (assuming no discharge of fill material would occur); however, if heavy equipment is used that substantially disturbs/redistributes the lake bottom substrate, a Corps permit may be required. There also may be littoral wetlands along the shoreline that could be affected by any heavy equipment which, if impacted, may trigger the need for a Corps permit. The City of Boiling Spring Lakes shall be contacted prior to the action taking place.

Filling Sinkholes Along the Shoreline

If sink holes are filled below the ordinary high water mark of the lake, a non-reporting Nationwide Permit (NWP) 18 may be used, assuming compliance with the above NWP 18 conditions. Please note the 10 cubic yard limit associated with the non-reporting NWP 18. If the amount of fill material cannot be kept below the non-reporting threshold, or if wetlands are impacted, a pre-construction notification (PCN) must be submitted to the Corps.


A Floodplain Development Permit from the City is required, PRIOR to any of the above actions. The fee for a Floodplain Development Permit shall be waived for any repairs being conducted as a result of damages caused by Hurricane Florence.

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