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Golden LEAF Grant Awarded to the City for Redwood/Holly/Walnut Stormwater Project

From the Golden LEAF Press Release:

The Golden LEAF Foundation was appropriated $25 million from the State of North Carolina for a Flood Mitigation Program. The Flood Mitigation Program will award funding up to $250,000 per project. Funds may only be awarded to units of local government.

The Golden LEAF Board awarded $1,365,000 in funding to seven projects through the Flood Mitigation Program in Beaufort, Brunswick, Sampson, Perquimans, Lenoir, Granville, and Columbus counties.

  • $225,000 to the Town of Aurora to create a maintenance plan and schedule for all the ditches and tributaries within the town’s jurisdiction, in an effort to mitigate areas of frequent flooding during heavy rainfall events.
  • $250,000 to the City of Boiling Spring Lakes to install stormwater infrastructure along the areas of Holly, Walnut, and Redwood roads in an effort to mitigate flooding the city experiences several times a year along those roads. In 2014, A 2014 preliminary engineering report determined optimal solutions to reduce flooding in the area and a 2021 stormwater management master plan determined this project as a priority.
  • $250,000 to the City of Clinton to reroute the existing drainage system along Weeks Street to mitigate frequent flooding along the road and nearby Highway 24.
  • $90,000 to the Town of Hertford to collect field data, perform modeling of existing watersheds, map the location and condition of stormwater assets, and develop and prioritize concept plans to address flooded streets that occur during heavy rain events that prevent access to public and private property and create high inflows at the wastewater treatment facility due to inflow and infiltration.
  • $250,000 to the City of Kinston to develop a plan for flood mitigation solutions through review of existing data sources, collection of additional data from field surveys, update of existing models, etc. to address flooding along Adkin Branch which restricts residents from accessing emergency services and nearby medical offices.
  • $125,000 to the City of Oxford to develop concept plans—from mapping stormwater infrastructure and modeling existing watersheds along sub-basins west and parallel to College Street and MLK Jr. Avenue—to address flooding that occurs throughout the city during heavy, unnamed, non-tropical rain events and that restricts public works staff from accessing critical infrastructure, specifically at the wastewater treatment plant.
  • $175,000 to the Town of Tabor City to install infrastructure to enclose the ditch that runs perpendicular to Hickman Road that will improve drainage to eliminate frequent and prolonged flooding that occurs in the southern part of town during heavy rain events.

Since 1999, Golden LEAF has funded 2,027 projects totaling $1.19 billion supporting the mission of advancing economic opportunity in North Carolina’s rural, tobacco-dependent, and economically distressed communities.

About Golden LEAF

The Golden LEAF Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 1999 to receive a portion of North Carolina’s funding from the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement with cigarette manufacturers. For more than 20 years, Golden LEAF has worked to increase economic opportunity in North Carolina’s rural and tobacco-dependent communities through leadership in grantmaking, collaboration, innovation, and stewardship as an independent and perpetual foundation.

The Foundation has provided lasting impact to tobacco-dependent, economically distressed, and rural areas of the state by helping create 66,000 jobs, more than $700 million in new payrolls, and more than 90,000 workers trained or retrained for higher wages.

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