NCDOT Provides City with E. Boiling Spring Road update - 10/26/18

NCDOT Provides City with E. Boiling Spring Rd. Update 10/24/18

Earlier today NCDOT provided a verbal update to the City on the status of E. Boiling Spring Road.  The washout area known as #2 (North Lake) should be open to vehicle traffic around Wednesday, October 31st.  The repair is temporary and will require another closing at a future date to make permanent repairs.  Prior to that, permanent repairs to the area known as #1 (Pine Lake) will be undertaken and completed.


With the opening of #2/North Lake the City asks that the public use Nassau to Queens to Pine Lake Road to E. Boiling Spring Road as a detour around #1/Pine Lake.  While work is being done on #1/Pine Lake the City will undertake repairs to the 4,800 linear feet of unpaved area on Crystal, Drayton and Pine Road that will then become the detour around #2/North Lake when it is closed again for permanent repairs.

Friday, October 26, 2018 4:20:00 PM