Important City Ordinances


Dogs must have City tags which are obtained at the Police Department. You must provide proof of current rabies vaccination. The fee is $10 ($5 if dog is spayed/neutered). The penalty for not having City tags is $100. The fine for dogs running at large is $100.

Burning Permits

A Burn Permit for yard debris may be obtained online or at the Front Desk and Building Inspections Department at City Hall as well as the Police Department. Check the City website or call City Hall to find out if burn permits are being issued.

Yard Sales

No permit required. Signs must be removed within 24 hours after a sale.

A lake
Photo courtesy of George Demeter


It is illegal to discharge a firearm within City Limits.


Fireworks are not permitted. This is a State Law.

Tree Ordinance

Undeveloped Parcel

A permit is required to remove any tree with diameter greater than 6 inches at 4 ½ feet above ground level.

Properties with an Existing Principal Structure

A permit is required to remove any tree with a diameter of 8 inches and greater at 4 ½ feet above ground level.

Please contact the Code Enforcement Department for more information. Violators of this Ordinance are subject to a fine per tree

Fencing, Pools, Sheds and Carports

All of the above require permits. Please contact the Code Enforcement Department at City Hall for more details.


Gas-powered watercraft are only allowed on the Big Lake. Electric trolling motored watercraft are only allowed on North Lake, Spring Lake and the Big Lake. For more information, please review the Ordinance.

Vehicle Tags

All vehicles, trailers and campers on your property must display required tags and inspection stickers. Vehicles without tags must be kept under a tarp at all times.

Peddler/Solicitor Background Check Fee

$25 - apply at the Police Department.