Hurricane Florence Update 7-9-19

The City provided an update to the recovery efforts to Hurricane Florence. 

The attached update and additional information is being provided to provide the public with the most up to date information the City has on our recovery efforts.  At the June 4, 2019 Board meeting, the Commissioners adopted a resolution selecting McGill Associates as the engineering firm to lead the design and bidding/construction administration services for this large project.  At the Board’s July 9th meeting, they will consider the Master Agreement and Task Order #1 for the project with the task order attached to describe the work that will be necessary to lead to dam designs being prepared and contracts awarded for construction.  A significant amount of geotechnical work is being required by NC Dam Safety since that information does not exist since it was not required back in the mid-1960’s when the dams were first constructed. 

For additional information please contact City Manager Jeff Repp at (910) 363-0025 or

Updated Summary 7-9-19

BSL Dam Design Comprehensive Schedule Update

BSL Dam Reconstruction Task Order

Meeting Minutes - Dam Classification & Design Approach


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