Engineers to Begin Work On Sanford Dam Early Next Week

July 19, 2019

Engineers to Begin work On Sanford Dam Early Next Week 

McGill Associates/Schnabel Engineering will be at Sanford Dam next week to begin field surveys and geotechnical investigations to determine existing conditions, property and right of way limits, location of existing utilities, investigating on-site borrow locations for suitable earth fill, and other features that could potentially impact the design of the dam reconstruction.  The existing spillway will be examined to determine if any internal damages occurred during Hurricane Florence. The engineers will be performing the geophysical testing which will involve driving rods in a linear pattern near the toe of Sanford dam and inducing a current to map the underlying soils and identify potential sinkholes.  Based on the details gathered the engineers will then prepare  detailed calculations, hydraulic modeling, and design plans.  These will be used in construction plans, specifications and bid documents for permitting, bidding and reconstruction of the dam.  The attached schedule shows the timeline for the projects. 

Similar work will be scheduled in the near future for Pine Lake Dam and North Lake Dam that will require brief road closures of E. Boiling Spring Road in the vicinity of both dams for equipment to be placed for soil borings.  Additional press releases will be issued when that work is scheduled in coordination with NCDOT. 

Dam Design Comprehensive Schedule


Friday, July 19, 2019 11:54:00 AM