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Driveway Installation Procedure

Driveway Installation Procedure:

  1. Submit a Driveway Permit Application (please note whether or not the driveway has been marked at the time of application submission).
  2. If the driveway is marked as of the date of the application, the Planning Dept. will schedule an evaluation by Public Works. If the driveway was not marked as of the date of the application, please request a driveway evaluation inspection, once it has been marked, using the link below, or call (910) 363-0132.
  3. After the evaluation is complete, the Planning Dept. will provide you with a list of the materials that will be needed, as determined by Public Works. It is the responsibility of the applicant to purchase all required materials, and have materials on site for installation by the Public Works Dept.
  4. Once all materials are on site, please request installation by using the link below, or calling (910) 363-0132. 

All Driveway installations must be signed off by Public Works before a Certificate of Occupancy may be issued.

 or > Departments > Inspections & Zoning > forms > Inspection Request