Tree Removal Request

Application for tree removal for properties with existing home

Important: This application must be approved by the building inspector before trees are removed

If you have any questions please contact our Building Inspections Department at 910-363-0025 Option 2

All property owners must first check the U.S. Fish and Wildlife parcel list to determine if your property is in a Red-Cockaded Woodpecker zone. This Parcel List is being updated. Please contact USFWS to inquire if a parcel is on their current list.  

Map ~ December 7, 2017

If your parcel number is on the list you must contact USFWS and follow the procedures set forth by them. Contact 919-856-4520 Extension 25 or e-mail: Include: parcel number, physical address, reason for the removal request, diameter of the trees and number of trees to be removed. 

Trees to be removed must be marked for inspection by inspector if applicable.

Any tree with a diameter less then eight (8) inches may be removed at any time without a permit. This measurement is at four and one half (4 1/2) feet above ground level.

To remove any tree eight (8) inches or greater in diameter you must obtain a permit from the building inspector.

To obtain a permit, an application must be submitted showing the address of the property , specific location of the tree to be removed and reason for removal. Upon inspection and approval, a permit will be issued.