Board of Adjustment

Meetings as necessary


The Board of Adjustment consists of five members and two alternate members, who are appointed by the Board of Commissioners to serve 3-year terms. The Board of Adjustment's primary duty is to decide questions involving interpretation of any of the zoning ordinance.


Name Phone Email Term Expires
Roger Samson, Chairman 910-269-8816 06/30/2018
Don Kessler 330-697-2006   12/31/2019
Steve Randone 910-253-2391   6/30/2018
Lisa Mastin 910-471-3961   2/2/2019
Donald Sharon 910-845-8891   8/2/2019
Michael Kirchner - 1st Alt. 413-394-0234   1/10/2020
OPEN -  2nd Alt.     12/31/2019